WHILE CLIMBING IN CHAMONIX, Chris & Christian received a call from Cotopaxi. The "Gear for Good" outdoor apparel and gear maker was getting ready to launch their most ambitious crowdfunding campaign yet - in support of a sweater that they were calling the Libre.

One week later, samples of the llama wool sweater from Bolivia arrived at their friend's place in Geneva; the next day they started shooting - traveling through three countries in three days to tell the story of this epic woolen piece. 

Two days after wrapping the shoot, Chris & Christian were back in the States; two days after that the campaign launched on Kickstarter.

In addition to directing and shooting the Kickstarter video, Chris & Christian took on Cotopaxi's appointed "Libre Challenge" - each committing to wear their sweater everyday for 61 continuous days, which represents Cotopaxi's "Human Lifespan Guarantee." Throughout those 61 days, the two shared the Libre story by integrating it into their daily life and adventures, while promoting those through Instagram Stories and posts, Facebook Live Sessions, and more.

The content that Chris & Christian created during the Libre Challenge provided Cotopaxi with a steady stream photographic assets to further promote the campaign through online advertisements, social posts, and media reviews - allowing the campaign to maintain both consistency and authenticity.

The Libre Sweater took the crowdfunding and outdoor communities by storm - reaching its funding goal of $20,000 within 24 hours. A month later, the campaign ended with more than $400,000 in funding - becoming the most highly-funded sweater campaign, ever.